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Dr. Faiza Ehsan

Medical Officer


Work places: 


Dr. Sindhu Laghari

Consultant Endocrinologist

MBBS , PGC , M.SC. ( DC&M...

Location: Sindh Institute of Endocrinology & ...

Work places:  Hyderabad


Dr. Malik Usama Bin Azhar


Location: GHURKI Teaching Trust Hospital

Work places:  Lahore


Dr. Rukhsana Hassan


Location: Abdus Samad Memorial Hospital

Work places:  Karachi


Dr. Nasira Inayat


Location: Lahore General Hospital

Work places:  Lahore


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“ My staff, fellow doctors and I use Olive HealthEco system at WILCARE, our medical center (www.wilcare.org). Olive system has changed the way we manage patients in our organization. The Olive system provides excellent practice management tools for my practice and other doctors in my hospital. The system connects and informs our patients in a timely fashion about appointments and other healthcare information”

Endocrinology / Diabetes