For Doctors

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For registered doctors and specialists, the most apparent benefit is the wider exposure they get through this service. Any patient can view their profile and contact them for whatever query provided the doctor's contact is available.
Online appointments scheduling facility is available for doctors upon doctor's request. For it, they have to send a registration request after which patients can directly access the doctor's scheduling calendar, select a free time slot and book it. Auto confirmation message is sent immediately. Any change in schedule either by the patient or the doctor through the system automatically triggers alerts.
Online appointments scheduling is free for the first six months after registration.

More Patients (Reach out to More Patients)

More patients will be able to see a doctor's profile on OliveCliq thereby enhancing the chances of more new customers.

24/7 Anytime Anywhere

Since this service is cloud based, doctors can adjust their schedules whenever and wherever they find time convenient for it. It will also help immensely if doctor and patient reside at two different far off places. Various related scheduling alerts are generated for the convenience of patients and doctors.

Patients Visit History

Once the patient has actually visited the doctor, the visits history is maintained by the system and the history is available through OliveCliq. This can immensely benefit in taking care of continual care patients e.g children's immunization program and expectant mothers, following up on chronic patients etc. This history is also available to patient.

CliqDoc Online Appointments Management

For doctors registered with OliveCliq, the online appointments management service is available through which doctors can manage their clinic appointments as well as benefit from the opportunity of getting a wider patient base. Doctors can manage their appointments anytime anywhere and keep their patients informed if appointments are rescheduled or cancelled for any reason. They no longer have to worry about arranging for required infrastructure and human resource to be automated. All you need is an internet connection and any entry level computer or tablet.


Support is available through phone, chat, and email. Timings for direct call and chat are 10.00 am to 2.00pm PST for all working days. For Saturdays and Sundays, call support timings are 10pm-12pm PST.